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Krumme Gurken

car | Kosher cake

car | Kosher cake

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This autoflower reaches a height of up to 120cm and delivers 550g/m2 of premium buds that smell like a delicious mix of raw cookie dough and sweet cake. Thanks to the 25% THC, this strain offers a hard-hitting indica effect that will melt your muscles, while the sativa part provides a high that feels like you're floating through the sky. A powerful strain that is not afraid to show its full potential in your grow tent. Due to the heavy resin production and unique flavors, this strain is excellent for extractors and commercial growers.

Bud description

You can expect dense buds that are light green in color with yellowish hues and long dark orange hairs. The large sized buds are covered in a thick layer of resin that gives them a nice sparkle and that sticky look we all love. The pungent aroma hits the nostrils as soon as the buds are anywhere near. Experienced growers will immediately associate this distinctive smell with Kush. Due to the really special terpene profile, the smell is unmistakable.

smoke report

Thanks to the 25% THC, you will experience a pleasant head high that will give you a euphoric and motivated mindset, while total relaxation will set in and all your worries will melt away. Thanks to the indica side, the head high slowly turns into a more sedating effect that will lull you to sleep at high doses. A high dosage stimulates the appetite and can help with insomnia or chronic pain.


Kosher Cake Auto exhibits the best qualities of both Indica and Sativa, this strain reaches up to 120cm with a few side branches growing close together giving it a compact appearance. Despite the compact structure, this strain delivers big yields and can produce up to 550g/m2 in jars in just under 65 days. Ideal for those who want a fast grow without sacrificing quality buds.

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