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car | Orange sherbet

car | Orange sherbet

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A sativa dominant citrus terpene beast that all hash lovers and extract makers will fall in love with. A beautiful autoflowering hybrid that can easily reach impressive THC levels of up to 24%. Highly recommended for beginner growers looking for a low maintenance strain that only takes 9-10 weeks from seed to harvest. This tall autoflowering hybrid is definitely something special and offers great potential for commercial growers.

Bud description

The buds are covered in trichomes, giving this strain a unique white robe. The large sepals make the resinous buds appear stacked. The very pronounced tangerine and orange fruit aroma is underlined by a sharp and sour note. The resulting taste is reminiscent of a fruity sorbet.

smoke report

Orange Sherbet Auto expresses her sativa dominance through extremely high potency that will keep you in orbit for hours even at low doses. Absolutely delicious flavors combined with an exciting effect that induces a creative and motivating feeling. Ideal for working through the to-do list or pursuing creative hobbies such as making music or reading. Also perfect for social events, dinner parties, days at the beach or long hikes.


A tall hybrid that with its impressive height of around 1-1.5 m is definitely only suitable for growers with space. She grows sativa-typically fast and with large distances between the buds. To prevent the shoots from collapsing under the weight of the buds, we recommend giving the strain extra support during the vegetative stage and during the flowering period. The resinous buds can grow well in any climate, but this strain shines with big yields especially in California, the Mediterranean and South America. The broad, bushy growth produces many leaves coated in a thin layer of resin. The harvest of around 500-600 g/m2 consists mainly of resinous buds that are particularly popular

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