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car | Wedding Glue

car | Wedding Glue

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A solid autoflower that is super suitable for all growers due to its easy handling. This indica dominant hybrid takes only 63-70 days from seed to harvest. With a total height of up to 120 cm, it can easily produce 550g/m2. Thanks to the 26% THC, this strain offers a powerful effect. The creamy looking buds look like they are covered in white icing. Expect a delicious terpene mix of sweet vanilla and earthy flavors accompanied by a fairly strong head high that slowly transitions into a relaxing body high at the end.

Bud description

The buds develop very dense and compact, but due to the thick trichome layer that gives them a milky white color, it is difficult to see them in detail at first glance. Upon closer inspection, you will see light green buds with dark green hues, studded with thin dark orange hairs. The calyxes turn purple shades during growth. The unique aroma smells strongly of vanilla sugar from afar, but a closer look at the smell reveals a variety of subtler aromas.

smoke report

Despite its indica dominance, Wedding Glue Auto offers a balanced effect. The potent effect begins with a motivating and uplifting head high that puts you in a focused mindset and boosts your creativity. Over time, the more sativa-like effect transitions into deep physical relaxation, relieving muscle pain and promoting a calm state of mind.


This super producer yields up to 550g/m2 in 9-10 weeks. It develops a central main bud that reaches up to 120cm, surrounded by smaller buds that grow densely together, giving Wedding Glue Auto a compact appearance despite its enormous height. Due to the balanced mix, this strain develops bushy leaves that turn purple early on. Due to the many bud locations, high yields and a large number of buds are guaranteed. She is the perfect choice for any extractor looking for premium strains that offer unconventional yet compelling terpene profiles. It particularly convinces with its high-quality resin.

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