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Krumme Gurken

BioBizz All Mix

BioBizz All Mix

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All·Mix literally does everything for you: it creates the optimal environment for your plants to grow all year round.

This heavily pre-fertilized substrate mix recreates rich growing soil with a complete microactive ecosystem. It is designed to provide plants with enough nutrients to achieve lush growth for a few weeks without additional fertilizers.
The pH and EC value

Biobizz products contain natural organic elements and not as many mineral salts as magnesium or sulphates, which are often found in synthetic fertilizers. That is why All·Mix has a high EC (electrical conductivity) value. While the organic elements are impossible to measure, they have a self-regulating system that helps keep pH levels at the right levels.

Dampen All·Mix with water when using for the first time and leave for 36 hours. As a result, Pre·Mix becomes active and the fertilizers and microorganisms contained in the substrate begin to take effect before the plant is planted in the soil.

Always keep the soil slightly warm, as too low a soil temperature slows down microbial activity and makes plant growth more difficult. Dry out the soil between each watering if possible. Because when the All·Mix substrate gets dry, fresh air can get in and the soil can breathe better.

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