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Fem | Nebula

Fem | Nebula

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Nebula has an open structure that is excellent for indoor cultivation, where the plants will achieve optimal results in a sea of ​​greenery.
Nebula stretches easily but produces obese buds when under a lot of light. As the name suggests, Nebula glitters with a coating of THC glands that will transport you to the realms of outer space. The high is transcendental and cerebral, sometimes even a little psychedelic. Nebula is nicknamed Honeydukes because of her sweet smell and distinct taste of honey and fruit. This strain is a fun, flavorful smoke, even for the veteran smoker.
Species: Indica / Sativa
Flowering time: 60-65 days indoors. Outdoors mid-October (nL)
Suitable environment: Indoors. Outdoors between 50º nL and 50º sL
Yield: up to 500g per m² in SOG indoors. 500-600 g per plant outdoors
Effect /Buzz: cerebral, trippy
Smell/taste: fruity/sweet
THC: 15-18%

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