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Krumme Gurken

Fem | Triple G

Fem | Triple G

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Triple G (Gorilla Glue Gelato): Prepare to take off
Triple G was born into a prestigious family. Their title pays homage to their powerful and famous ancestors: Gorilla Glue and Gelato. These two strains have taken the cannabis world by storm. They are internationally renowned for their superior strength, stunning flavor and high productivity. We took our own versions of these legends - Green Gelato and Royal Gorilla - to create Triple G.

Our breeders wanted to create something that would rival the world-class genetics of her parents. Triple G is exactly that. She packs massive THC levels and dessert-like flavors that delight the body, mind, and taste buds alike. Overall, she is an impressive indica-dominant beast (85% indica).

effects, taste and smell
A word of warning: don't underestimate Triple G! Novice smokers should approach this strain with extreme caution. Take things one puff at a time. Her bulbous buds look like they're ready to unleash a sea of ​​glossy resin. This psychoactive nectar contains a THC level of 26% that will uplift your spirits within seconds. Experienced smokers will feel an instant rush of euphoric energy illuminating the central nervous system. Although these feelings are pleasant, they can cause anxiety in less experienced smokers./h3>

If you can handle the high, get ready for an amazing ride through deep contemplation, creativity, and introversion. Triple G also offers profound therapeutic potential for those seeking symptomatic relief. Give it a try if you suffer from loss of appetite, insomnia or chronic pain.

Flavors such as chocolate, berries and sweets enhance this effect. The sensory bombardment doesn't stop there. Expect pungent aromas of earth, spice and diesel.

Growing Triple G
Triple G forms a dense canopy of narrow, spiky flowers. These buds are loaded with bright orange pistils and a thick layer of trichomes. Her heavy indica dominance results in a bushy form that makes her easier to grow than most other strains. Growers can evenly expose the buds to light by topping and pruning. She copes equally well with indoor and outdoor conditions, delivering medium yields in both environments.

Strain Type: Feminized
THC: 26%
CBD: Low
Yield Indoor : 525 - 575 gr/m²
Yield outdoor: 600 - 650 g/plant
Height inside: 90 - 140 cm
Height outdoors: 140 - 180 cm
Flowering time: 8 - 9 weeks
Harvest month: mid-October
Genetics: Gorilla Glue #4 x Gelato #33
Type: Sativa 15% Indica 85%
Effect: clear, euphoric, fast-thinking, motivating
Climate: Short summers
Taste: chocolate, citrus, diesel, earthy
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