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Fem | Velvet Moon

Fem | Velvet Moon

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Dosidos x Holy Punch

The effects are long lasting and hit your head very quickly for the first few minutes, then slowly wear off to give you a great buzz and happy feeling for a few hours.

Flowering cycle : 8-9 weeks
Yield : Medium - High

Harvest : early October
Average height : 170 - 200cm
Yield : 700 g/plant


The Velvet Moon is the result of our selection of the famous Dosidos from the USA, crossed with one of Franco's last breeding projects, the Holy Punch.

The result is a magnificent, vigorous and amazingly aesthetic plant with a very sweet and strong smell. The stretch is moderate, perfect for indoor and outdoor growers, with a very good side branching that can remain stable without support until the end of flowering.

She will produce some beautiful and very compact round buds with a large round calyx from the Holy Punch and the density and resin production of the Dosidos.

The scent is a perfect balance of both parents, it has the pungent sweetness of fresh fruit with perfect ripening of the holy punch combined with some lemony acidity and earthiness from the Dosidos. A perfect combination of acidity and sweetness with the creamy earthiness on the smoke exhale makes for a great aromatic smoke.

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