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Krumme Gurken

car | Jack Herer

car | Jack Herer

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A multi-award winning sativa dominant plant that produces impressive yields. THC levels can reach the 21% mark, however her effect is a true representation of the classic indica-sativa combo and will be very pleasant without being overwhelming. The lifespan is around 9 weeks, after which you can look forward to harvests in the size range between 400-500g/m². Her strong flavor profile and high yields are reminiscent of the old classic.

Bud description

Bright orange hairs cover the long and dense buds. Towards the end of the flowering period, the plant finishes its buds with a glaze of trichomes. After drying, the buds get their solid structure.

smoke report

Smoking Jack Herer Auto is very pleasant and relaxes the whole body, the special thing about it is that the mind stays focused and alert. The balanced relationship between indica and sativa is very pleasant for smokers with low tolerances or for smokers who are new to the pleasure of cannabis due to the positive and euphoric effects. Perfect for waking up with a clear head and getting through a long day stress-free, or for being in tune with yourself, art or music.


A medium sized strain that grows between 70-90cm in height despite its sativa background. Although it has a relatively low height, due to the small distances between the shoots, many and above all beautiful buds can be harvested in a short time. During the flowering period, her growth structure will consist of many side branches that will gradually disappear almost entirely under the buds.

Another feature of their productivity is the multitude of white pistils. She produces a wonderful aroma upon flowering that can be described as fruity-spicy with hints of mango and citrus. We recommend this strain for hash making because of the wonderful aroma and the enormous number of trichomes.

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