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Krumme Gurken

car | Wedding Cheescake

car | Wedding Cheescake

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A fast flowering, well balanced hybrid that promises heavy yields and takes only around 9 weeks from seed to harvest. The high levels of THC, terpenes, and medium growth height make this strain ideal for novice growers as well as growers who only have shorter summers at their disposal. This strain is very potent with up to 24% THC and convinces with its very impressive trichome production. A solid hybrid with strong resistance to colder weather that is easy to grow both indoors and outdoors. A phenomenal combination of earthy and creamy vanilla cookie dough paired with the sweet and aromatic overtones of a baked fruit tart. A real treat!

Bud description

The buds are large and covered in trichomes. They sparkle in an array of colors ranging from a bright green to a poisonous lime green and a hint of magenta. The calyx is tightly shaped and clustered, resulting in the full-bodied buds being dense and tight together. The aroma of a freshly broken bud is like that of a sweet cheesecake with an earthy note.

smoke report

The high is more mental than physical. It creates an uplifting and energetic as well as a deeply relaxing feeling. With a THC level of up to 24%, our Wedding Cheesecake Auto is best suited for experienced smokers with a higher tolerance. Despite the high THC levels, one can easily enjoy a focused, motivated, and creative effect. The finely balanced indica heritage stays more subtly in the background. Our Wedding Cheesecake Auto is perfect as a daily driver and for all kinds of social occasions.


This medium-sized hybrid reaches a height of 90-130 cm and, despite its light sativa heritage, only takes around 63 days from seed to harvest.Due to its parents, Wedding Cake and Cheese, the plant grows many side branches, which later become the large buds carry.Wedding Cheese Cake Auto can easily be harvested several times a year with excellent results. Yields of up to 450-600g/m2 and the short flowering time provide an ideal basis for commercial growers.

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