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Coco A+B

Coco A+B

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CANNA Coco A&B is a professional 2-component complete fertilizer for cultivation on coconut substrates. It contains all the essential elements for optimal growth and high-yield flowering.

Thanks to the special properties of the coconut substrate, CANNA COCO does not need Vega and Flores variants, but a unique recipe that is suitable for both the growth and flowering phases. It's that easy! CANNA COCO is easy to use, directly soluble and is extremely well adapted to any type of pouring system, such as Run-to-waste systems , flood systems and Ebb & flow systems.

After years of researching planting media , Sequence and leaf analyses, CANNA succeeded in developing the first fertilizer specially tailored to the properties of coconut substrate. CANNA COCO is made from high quality minerals compiled. CANNA COCO contains natural chelates, Humic acid and fulvic acid which support the plant in optimal nutrient uptake. Growers all over the world are amazed by the explosive growth and abundant flowering that CANNA COCO enables.

Why A&B Fertilizer Components?

CANNA COCO nutrients consist of two parts, an A component and a B component. We separate the ingredients for a reason. It can happen that if you put both components in a bottle, they would stick together to form plaster and would no longer be available for the plant. Therefore, bottle A should be added to the nutrient solution first, and after thorough stirring, bottle B should be added.

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