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Terra Flores

Terra Flores

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CANNA Terra Flores is a professional complete fertilizer for flower and fruit growth (productive phase) - specially developed for use in pots with peat soil. CANNA Terra Flores stimulates fruit formation and provides each plant with its characteristic aroma. Can be used in greenhouses, outdoors or under artificial light on indoor plants in the home garden.

The advantages of CANNA Terra Flores

  • Ease of handling and instant solubility.
  • CANNA Terra Flores prevents the binding of nutrient ions. The availability and composition of nutrients play a crucial role in flowering and fruit formation.
  • CANNA Terra Flores is excellent for promoting fruit formation and contains all the nutrients that the plant needs in this development phase.
  • CANNA Terra Flores is rich in chelated trace elements in an easily absorbable form for immediate assimilation. This allows the breeding of generous inflorescences and lush fruits.
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