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Krumme Gurken

Trypack Outdoor

Trypack Outdoor

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If the climate in your area allows it and you've decided to grow outdoors and don't yet know how to start, allow Biobizz® to help you. Try our Outdoor Pack, a Biobizz® Try•Pack recently launched by our four members.

Grow like a pro with the high quality complete pack that's easy to manage, easy to use, easy to combine* and easy to pay for.
The Outdoor•Pack includes Bio•Bloom™, Fish•Mix™ and Top•Max™. The combination will help the outdoor grower experience the range of Biobizz® organic fertilizers as it provides the basic nutrition for 1-4 plants.

Biobizz® Fish•Mix™ included in these packs boosts all natural minerals and (micro)organisms and stimulates the production of beneficial bacteria. The high protein content will also help create a substrate rich in organic matter outdoors. But remember, don't do this indoors, as you'll have to keep the windows open all week afterwards!
Start the growing organic experience with Biobizz® Try•pack™ !

* Can be used with all other Biobizz® products and Try•Packs to maximize yield and minimize costs.

Biobizz® Outdoor Pack contains:

Bio-Bloom™ - 250ML
Fish Mix™ - 250 ML
Top-Max™ - 250 ML

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