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Order hemp fertilizer online? In our online grow shop you can get high-quality fertilizer for hemp plants from Advanced Nutrients!

Welcome to the world of Advanced Nutrients, the magician for your hemp plants ! We proudly present an extensive range of advanced nutrient solutions specifically designed to take your plants to a whole new level. Prepare to unleash the potential of your hemp plants and achieve amazing results !

Advanced Nutrients explains why:

Together with a team of top scientists, Michael 'BigMike' Straumietis analyzed the genome of the cannabis plant in 1983 and revolutionized the hemp industry by continuously optimizing hemp-specific nutrients. Today, gardeners from over 115 countries rely on the quality of Advanced Nutrients...

Different hemp fertilizers for all situations!

Our range includes a variety of high-quality products that are individually tailored to the different phases and needs of your plants. Here are some of our top products and what they are made for:

  1. Sensi Grow and Sensi Bloom: These basic nutrients are the basic building blocks for healthy growth. Sensi Grow is specially formulated to promote growth in the vegetative phase, while Sensi Bloom ensures maximum fruiting.

  2. Big Bud: For those who want more, Big Bud is the ally. In this case: Nomen est Omen. This stimulator provides the essential nutrients and hormones your plants need!

  3. Overdrive: The name says it all! Overdrive is the turbo boost for your plants in the late phase. It promotes the fruit and ensures an impressive final spurt.

  4. Voodoo Juice: This secret from the underground is a living organism. Voodoo Juice contains a variety of beneficial bacterial strains that stimulate root growth and improve nutrient absorption. It's like a root magic potion that makes your plants strong and resilient.

  5. Bud Candy: Give your plants a sweet treat with Bud Candy! This sugar boost improves the flavor of your fruit. Your plants will feel. Feed your hemp plant Bud Candy! She will love it like you did your cotton candy as a child.

These are just a few of the advanced products from Advanced Nutrients that provide your hemp plants with the nutrients, minerals and biostimulants they need. We also have specialized products for root growth, pH control, petiole enhancer and much more.

The secret behind a successful garden

Trust the advanced science of Advanced Nutrients ! With our products and your green thumb, you will push the boundaries and achieve amazing results.

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