Collection: Other Accessories

Information about the accessories

In addition to the essential equipment you need for a cannabis grow room, there are also some accessories that can help you create the ideal growing environment. Socket strips and extension cords, timers, thermometers and hygrometers, grids and pH meters are useful accessories.

Power strips and extension cords are necessary to provide enough outlets for all equipment, including LED grow lights, aeration systems, and fans. Be sure to use quality surge protector power strips and cords rated for the power of your devices.

Timers can be used to automatically control the light cycle, as well as other devices such as pumps, fans, and heaters. This ensures your plants are getting the right level of light and other conditions they need for optimal growth.

A thermometer and hygrometer will help you monitor temperature and humidity levels in your grow room, which is important to ensure your plants are growing healthily.

Lattice netting is a type of support netting that can help your plants grow vertically and provide additional support for taller plants. They are particularly useful for training your plants in a specific direction or shape.

A pH meter is an essential tool for monitoring and adjusting the pH of your nutrient solution. Maintaining the correct pH balance is crucial to ensure your plants can absorb the nutrients they need for healthy growth.

By using these accessories along with your larger grow gear, you can create an optimized environment for your cannabis plants to thrive.