Collection: FLO

FLO is the organic-mineral all-in-one fertilizer for demanding gardeners with live microorganisms. It optimally supplies your plant throughout its entire life cycle with macro and micronutrients, root, growth and flowering stimulators, enzymes, humin and...
Fulvic acids, amino acids, silicates and CalMag.

The application is unrivaledly easy: simply mix FLO into soil or coconut and plant your plant. For a successful harvest, all that is necessary is the addition of pure water; the pH value does not even need to be corrected.

FLO owes its success to the high quality of the raw materials, the living ones
Microorganisms and the effects of phytohormones. Your plant reacts to that
Improved supply of phytohormones like an athlete on steroids - with more performance!

Its ingredients are natural and comply with the EU guidelines for organic farming EC (VO) No. 834/2007.

Fertilizer description:
Organic-mineral NPK fertilizer 2-3-2
Minor ingredients: calcium (CaCO3) 1%, magnesium (MgO and MgCO3) 0.6%, organic matter 60%.
Using animal by-products according to Cat. 3 VO (EC) 1069/2009 (starting materials blood, fish and meat bone meal, 7% bat guano), plant materials from the food and feed industry (Ascophyllum nodosum, alfalfa, vinasse granulate), earthworm humus, Leonardite, Palm ash, oyster shell, dolomite lime, Epsom salt, bentonite, live microorganisms (nine strains of endomycorrhiza, seven strains of ectomycorrhiza, two strains of trichoderma, effective microorganisms and 14 strains of bacteria).