Collection: seedlings

Order hemp plants online

Hemp seedlings are simply the strongest hemp plants. Ordering hemp seeds online is so easy in the online grow shop Austria. Or do you want to order cuttings online? You've come to the right place with us! Buying hemp plants is easy at Krumme Gurken. Discreet shipping is very important to us. Our discreet shipping of hemp plants is our specialty. We have the latest cannabis strains.

New strains and old-school strains

We also carry old hemp varieties. White Widow, Chronic, Wappa and Mazar are old-school cannabis strains, Wedding Cake, Haze, Zkittlez and Super Silver Haze as well as Runtz are new hemp strains. Buying Super Lemon Haze, Automatic plants, Blue Dream, Blueberry and OG Kush cuttings online is discreet.

Buying hemp plants is easy!

Fast shipping We love hemp cuttings. You can buy Orange Bud, Euforia, Gelato, Gorilla, Mimosa and Skunk online as hemp plants or order them online as cutting lines. You can get Amnezia, Amnesia, White Satin, Hashberry, LSD and Herijuana cuttings from Austria here. We put Grow Island and Hanf&Hemp in the shade. Sensi Seeds, Green House Seeds, strains Coffeeshop Amsterdam, strongest cannabis plant and many more are our friends. We all know how to order hemp seeds, automatic hemp seeds, automatic hemp plants, Bruce Banner and cuttings online!