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car | Dos Si Dos

car | Dos Si Dos

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DOS SI DOS AUTO™ cannabis seeds

Follow Toni13, Barney's Farm's official test grower, today! Check out his grow report from DOS SI DOS AUTO™. - - DOS SI DOS AUTO™ is an exceptional new autoflowering super strain that boasts 65% indica and 35% sativa is indica dominant and a perfect match for our ever-growing autoflower Cali collection. This gem brings together the historic parental power of Face Off OG x Girl Scout Cookies, now crossed with our BF Super Auto #1. Increased yields, vigor and trichome production give DOS SI DOS AUTO™ a serious genetic boost. Dos Si Dos Auto™ smooths away anxiety and pain, making your day more enjoyable in every way. The lingering lime flavor will remind some of grandma's lemon meringue pie fresh out of the oven. This enchanting plant grows to a meter indoors and up to 140 centimeters outdoors. She explodes from seed to harvest in just 70-75 days, delivering amazing yields of up to 600 grams per square meter - with THC levels over 20%. Dive into a delicious dream of divine indulgence with the unique Dos Si Dos Auto™. This autoflower will make you transcend reality.

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