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Barney's Farm

Fem | Gorilla Zkittlez

Fem | Gorilla Zkittlez

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GORILLA ZKITTLEZ™ cannabis seeds

Unleash the gargantuan power of West Coast genetics with this awesome GG4 x Zkittlez cross. Introducing Barney`s farm brand new GORILLA ZKITTLEZ™. An exquisite trichome celebration awaits the patient after just 60 days of flowering. You won't forget the first time you tasted the high-yielding fruits of this strain. The emerging favorite, striking with its tranquil beauty and glittering trichome-laden pistils aglow from every corner, sits more on the indica side of the cannabis spectrum. Let the 24% medical grade THC lure you into a warm nest of relaxation you won't want to leave. The flowering period (indoors) is around 8-9 weeks and outdoors it flowers in October. Here you can expect up to 2.5KG yield and a final height of 1.7m from well cared for plants. Grab Barney's Farm GORILLA ZKITTLEZ™ today

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