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car | Runtz

car | Runtz

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RUNTZ AUTO™ cannabis seeds

After the resounding success of Runtz, there was absolutely no choice but to create an autoflowering version of it.

Runtz Auto manages to deliver the same excellent overall package, but in a smaller time frame – just 70 days after sowing! Final growth heights of about 120 centimeters can be expected.

Yields are still impressive - with experience and the right light conditions it is possible to increase them up to 600g/m².

Just like the original, this strain can wash away cares and worries in a lush sea of ​​fruity aromas, with incredible buds layered in a heady layer of diverse cannabinoids.

We've even managed to keep some of the incredible flavors of the original in this version, allowing for the same amount of fun and enjoyment despite a much smaller growing period!

This balanced yet sassy hybrid will take you to a new and amazing level of relaxation, dissolving any mental tension and leaving you feeling positive and protected from any worries or negativity.

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