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Dutch Passion

fem | Holland's Hope

fem | Holland's Hope

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Why should I buy Hollands Hope feminized seeds?

  • It is a vigorous and compact indica, very well suited to changeable climates with a wet and cold late summer.

  • It is a relatively fast outdoor strain that can be harvested before the bad fall weather sets in.

  • The cannabis has a real "old school" smell and taste and has been a favorite of outdoor growers for decades.

  • It is a robust strain with strong branches and strong, long buds and a generous yield.

Hollands Hope, the classic cup winner among outdoor varieties

Hollands Hope won 1st prize at the 2013 Copa Del Mar in Argentina.

Hollands Hope has a fresh, pungent aroma of lemon and pine.

Hollands Hope has a wonderful 'old school' touch. The scent of this classic cannabis strain can best be described as fresh and fruity with heavier notes of pine and wood. The scent of her flowers is quite pungent, and as soon as you light up a joint, the strong aroma dominates. The taste is slightly tart and woody with a spicy undertone. This potent indica-dominant hybrid takes you back to the 80's and 90's with her delicious classic cannabis flavor and high.

Hollands Hope buds are large and compact

Hollands Hope has a good yield. This is mainly due to its large and powerful flowers, dense flowers of 30-50 cm are no exception. In some cases, the plant grows up with a classic Christmas tree structure, where the lower branches and buds are just as thick as the upper ones. This strain does not require special attention and can also serve perfectly as a "guerrilla strain". You can grow them in a forest or in a (corn) field and even in a mountainous environment. This strain generally does well with low nutrient requirements.

Hollands Hope is a strong outdoor strain that is fully adapted to a temperate climate

Hollands Hope is available in both feminized and regular seed varieties. It is a very potent indica that is fully adapted to the Dutch climate and has been grown outdoors since the 1980s. She is a strong and reliable strain that is very resistant to fungus. This makes the plant ideal for a moderate climate and also for the somewhat more northern countries. Whether you want to grow her in the humid Netherlands or the UK, this strain can take quite a bit of bad weather. She grows best as an outdoor variety, but is also excellent in pots. Make sure you use a large pot (at least 50L) as this will benefit the root system and ultimately the yield of this lady.

Hollands Hope is a strong and robust cannabis plant, easy to grow and very resilient to bad weather conditions

Hollands Hope is a true "old school" classic. This strain was developed in the 1980s when hybridized cannabis strains for temperate climates were scarce. The strain became an instant hit. She amazed many growers with her fast flowering time, allowing her to be harvested before the bad weather set in. In the Netherlands, Holland's Hope was harvested long before the corn harvest, a useful and important trait for guerrilla growers. This brought tremendous fame to the strain, eventually leading to the original Dutch Passion Holland's Hope strain being featured in a Dutch TV cannabis series called Holland's Hoop.

The strain is an indica-dominant hybrid with a fast flowering time of around 8 weeks and a compact bushy (Christmas tree) structure. The plant grows slightly smaller than other outdoor strains from our 'Dutch Outdoor' cannabis seed collection such as Frisian Dew and Passion #1. It grows with thick, strong branches and large fan leaves. As for the height, it usually reaches around 2 m, but under very favorable conditions it can reach a little higher. If you want to keep them a little smaller, it is advisable to top them. This can even happen several times, bearing in mind that it will then grow a lot in width, so there must be enough space for it.

Hollands Hope is a cannabis plant perfect for growing in your backyard. Because of her compact stature, she's less visible than other outdoor strains, and you can grow her both in the garden and in pots. In addition, Hollands Hope can also be grown in a greenhouse, but try to provide some ventilation. If it is a greenhouse without ventilation, you can see bud rot (or mold) on the compact buds of this strain due to too high humidity and not enough fresh air (oxygen). Open both a window and the door of the greenhouse for better ventilation. You will achieve the best result if you use a fan that ensures that more fresh air is blown through the greenhouse and that no stagnant air remains in the greenhouse.

The genetics used to breed Hollands Hope guarantee the following traits:

  • An easy-to-grow, indica-dominant outdoor strain that is very suitable for growing in your garden, in a forest/field, or in a mountainous area.
  • A plant with a high resistance to bad weather conditions, even in a cold and humid climate, this strain thrives well.
  • The compact plant structure makes her a medium sized outdoor plant, her powerful buds are long and full of a fresh, fruity and piney aroma.

Hollands Hope is an ideal strain for outdoor growers and guerrilla growers. In fact, this strain does well with a little less attention and nutrition compared to other strains.

Effects of Holland's Hope

Hollands Hope is a reliable outdoor favorite with a heavy knockout stone that's popular with recreational smokers and medicinal users. Her effects are mainly physical with only subtle mental aspects. It gives you a slightly energized feeling and lets your body relax. This physical swing is ideal for lounging on the couch in the evening or when you have a day off. If you smoke Hollands Hope on a Sunday, you will find that you will wake up very relaxed on Monday. The smoke is spicy and fresh, and the excellent high lasts for at least a couple of hours.

The heyday of Holland's Hope

This strain has an average flowering time of 8 weeks. Plants reach an average height of 1.5-2.5m outdoors with long buds of around 40-50cm and can of course yield between 100g and 1000g depending on growing conditions.

Hollands Hope is a real outdoor winner but has also been occasionally cared for indoors by our customers over the years. We generally advise against this, strains developed outdoors may react differently to an indoor climate with strong lights.

For best results outdoors, we recommend pre-growing them indoors for at least 3-4 weeks. Once the plant has a decent root system and a number of internodes it is strong enough to be brought outdoors. It thrives very well in temperate climates and can be harvested in late September/early October in the Dutch latitudes.

The yield of Hollands Hope

Hollands Hope is known for its high disease resistance, fast flowering time and good yield. The plants can deliver a few hundred grams per plant on average. Yields of between 500-1000g are possible under good conditions.

This indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain is a fast outdoor plant that is usually ready for harvest in early autumn (late September, early October). The strain has sturdy buds that can carry quite a bit of weight. It may not be the largest outdoor plant for its size, but it is one of the most compact. The combination of the fast flowering time with the big, sturdy branches and full buds is the reason that many growers continue to grow this plant year after year.

Advice from our experts

Topping and fimming are both good options for controlling her height a bit and creating more lateral growth. Make sure to defoliate her well at all times during flowering to avoid dead leaves getting stuck between the thick, full buds. Dead/rotting leaves can cause unwanted fungus.

Overfeeding Hollands Hope can stimulate excessive leaf growth and reduce bud formation. Therefore, it is strongly discouraged to use high doses of nutrients. It is best to grow her completely organically, she is suitable for "no-till cultivation". Give this lady a nice sunny spot and she will reward you with a delicious Dutch harvest!

More information about Holland's Hope

The TV series "Holland's Hoop" was a Dutch television drama series starring the Dutch Passion Hollands Hope. The series takes place around a Dutch cannabis plantation and was broadcast every Saturday in 2014 on channel NPO 1. This video shows a scene about Dutch Passion's outdoor strain "Hollands Hope".

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