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Dutch Passion

fem | Durban poison

fem | Durban poison

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Why Should I Buy Durban Poison Feminized Seeds?

  • Classic, proven premium version.
  • Very tough and strong genetics that are easy to grow.
  • Numerous side branches bear long and heavy flowers.
  • Resinous sativa flowers with a unique terpene profile.

How Does Durban Poison Taste?

Durban Poison is a sativa dominant strain with a unique, appealing aroma. It is known for its spicy, dark flavor with notes of aniseed, liquorice, lemon and cloves. This complex aroma is one of the reasons why Durban Poison has such a large following of repeat growers.

Durban poison buds

Durban Poison's buds are very dense for a sativa. Growers can expect vigorous plants with numerous side branches. Most phenotypes have a tendency to stretch a lot, so know if height restrictions in your grow room could be a potential problem.

Durban Poison is a classic that suits all conditions

Durban Poison is a classic indoor and outdoor strain, suitable for outdoor cultivation even in extreme northern and southern latitudes. Originally from South Africa, Durban Poison seeds were bred for many years in the 1970's. With each subsequent generation, Durban Poison has been increasingly adapted to the windy and rainy conditions of Northern Europe. Outdoors, she has the potential to grow really big. Heights over 3m are not uncommon. Indoors it will stretch quite a bit, so some form of height management is recommended.

Durban Poison Stamminfo: The perfect all-rounder!

Durban Poison is a pure landrace Sativa dominant strain originating from South Africa.

Plants can start off with broad, indica-style leaves. But during the latter part of the flowering period, the sativa dominance growth pattern allows for long buds to be displayed, pierced by slender sativa-style leaves.

Durban Poison has become one of the most important strains in today's cannabis market. Hailing from the South African city of Durban, this sativa-dominant strain stood at the base of the famous GSC (Girl Scout Cookies) heritage/lineage, where strains like Sherbet and Gelato were derived.

Durban Poison is ready to harvest after around 8-9 weeks of 12/12 indoor flowering. Outdoors she can reach maximum heights of 3-4m and is harvested in early/mid winter.

The genetics used to create Durban Poison ensure the following traits:

  • A tough and vigorous plant. Easy to grow and suitable for all growing conditions.
  • A dense and slender sativa-style plant and bud structure.
  • A unique terpene profile with oversized resin glands.

Durban Poison is an old school Dutch Passion classic available in regular and feminized seeds.

Durban poison effects

Durban Poison gained popularity around the world for its sativa-typical effects. It offers the user a strong, uplifting and energizing effect. It's the perfect solution for staying productive throughout the day or for completing creative tasks. It will put you in an elevated mood where you will still be able to face the outside world without feeling self-conscious or paranoid. The initial burst of energy can be followed by another calming effect as you smoke/vape larger amounts. The high is relatively long-lasting.

How to breed Durban Poison

We recommend a shorter vegetation time compared to most indica or hybrid strains when growing these plants indoors without the use of height control growing techniques. Durban Poison tends to stretch a lot, often doubling or tripling after flowering. A vegetative period of 3-4 weeks should be enough to get decent plants. When growing with only a few plants per m2, it is recommended to use the SCROG technique.

If you grow her outdoors, make sure there is enough space because this lady can take over your garden plot!

During early growth, plants can show more indica-style leaves. During the flowering period, a more sativa-like image and foliage is evident. Indoor gardeners will notice the transition once the light cycle is switched to 12/12. Outdoors, as the days get shorter, the dominant sativa heritage will become more evident and its true colors will show.

The stems are strong and durable. They can be easily manipulated without risk of breakage. During the early flowering period, it is recommended to bend the leaves downwards. This places the largest leaves under the buds they once covered.

The flowering time is around 8-9 weeks. Combined with the recommended flowering phase, it takes around 11-13 weeks from seed to harvest.

The yield of Durban Poison

Durban Poison produces XXL harvests of old-school quality cannabis; between 450 and 650 grams per m2 are possible. The plant will sport heavy, resinous and dense buds.

Our expert advice:

Durban Poison is a perfect strain if you're looking for a well-known old-school favorite with heavy yields that's easy to grow both indoors and outdoors. This strain is suitable for both novice and experienced growers. For indoor cultivation we recommend topping or fimming as this will increase the speed of Durban Poison's lateral growth. She will really shine if you use grow techniques like LST, bending, supercropping and scrogging. This will greatly increase yields and will make the size more manageable in an indoor setting. Be sure to give her enough root space. This will increase the speed of growth as well as size and yield.

More information about Durban Poison

Durban Poison is one of Dutch Passion's classic strains. It is a very tough and stable cannabis strain suitable for all types of growers. The flowering time is relatively fast for such a sativa dominant strain. This was achieved through years of selective breeding. The calyx to leaf ratio is very high and the small sugar leaves are also covered in resin. Trimming is therefore quick and easy. The buds have a really distinct look and smell, something you won't soon forget!

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