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Dutch Passion

Fem | Frisian Duck

Fem | Frisian Duck

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Why should I buy Frisian Duck feminized seeds?

  • Stealthy strain ideal for growing in populated areas

  • Very resilient and easy to grow, ideal for greenhouse and outdoor cultivation

  • Grows like a Christmas tree with large buds and a large yield

  • Beautiful purple flowers with a spicy, piney and fruity aroma

Frisian Duck has a subtle yet spicy aroma and flavor profile

Frisian Duck is a hybrid cannabis strain bred for its distinctive leaf shape that resembles a duck's footprint. She grows without being recognizable as cannabis for most of her life. Her compact buds have quite a subtle spicy aroma with hints of fresh forest, pine and citrus. The aroma isn't as pungent, which helps her maintain a low odor profile even after the large purple buds have matured and are dominating her appearance.

How does the Frisian Duck taste?

The Frisian Duck has a slightly fruity, piney flavor that can have hints of berries and fresh forest. Some phenotypes express a more citrus-dominant flavor profile. With her slightly lemony and piney aroma she will definitely wake you up! Perfect for a morning or daytime joint.

Frisian Duck is an outdoor world champion

Frisian Duck has purple colored buds with a hybrid bud structure that leans slightly towards the sativa side. She can foxtail, making her buds a bit more open, but very resilient to prolonged periods of bad weather outdoors.

As a product of a hybridization of DucksFoot x Frisian Dew, Frisian Duck has the potential to produce quite large yields. The genetics of her Frisian Dew parents make for healthy and strong offspring that are tough enough to take a hit or two. As well as thriving outdoors, Frisian Duck will also do well indoors. She stays fairly compact and doesn't need much height management to deliver good yields. Note that her purple tones can be a little less vibrant indoors than buds grown outdoors.

A top choice for the urban outdoor grower

Frisian Duck grows with unusually shaped leaves that make it difficult to identify as traditional cannabis, but which make it ideal for outdoor and greenhouse cultivation in populated areas. The name "duck" refers to the distinctive leaf shape that looks like a duck's footprint, particularly during the first two-thirds of its life. During flowering, some upper leaves may exhibit the more traditional form of cannabis.

What was initially considered a freaky cannabis plant around 5 years ago has now become a household name and a best seller in the Dutch Passion seed collection. The special, stealthy appearance makes this plant a great choice for the outdoor urban cannabis grower. It is a unique cannabis plant in disguise. She's also tough and easy to grow, perfect for less experienced growers.

Frisian Duck is ready to harvest after around 8-9 weeks of flowering indoors. Outdoors, she can reach a maximum height of 2-3 m and is harvested around early or mid-autumn.

The genetics used to create Frisian Duck ensure the following traits:

  • A dependable, stealthy strain. Easy to grow and suitable for all growing conditions

  • A Christmas tree like plant with strong stems and large yields

  • Purple buds with an amazingly fresh, fruity and spicy aroma

Frisian Duck is a true outdoor champion, excellent for outdoor and greenhouse cultivation, even in more northerly and southerly latitudes where other strains would struggle to survive.

Frisian Duck effects

The Frisian Duck produces fresh, piney and fruity-citrusy tasty buds. The effect of the purple sativa flowers is quite smooth and uplifting. This strain is not the most intense and is suitable for the grower who does not want the strongest psychoactive experience. She gives the user a pleasantly smooth and balanced high while still being able to function and get things done. Outdoor activities become more enjoyable after smoking the Frisian Duck. The high is of medium strength and duration.

The growth and flowering period of the Frisian Duck

Frisian Duck doesn't stretch or grow as tall as the sativa-dominant strains. She is a medium to tall plant that will almost double in size during the flowering period. Inside, it's fairly easy to control. Outdoors, she can become a real monster, often growing into a giant cannabis plant shaped like a Christmas tree. Indoors, a 4-6 week vegetative period would be enough to get large high yielding plants.

Indoor cultivation in a SOG setup is possible and recommended for higher yields. Although she can thrive indoors, we recommend growing her outdoors as the true power of her abilities is outdoors. She thrives outdoors and is the perfect choice for the outdoor grower looking for a stable cannabis strain that can handle long periods of bad weather. There is no need to train or prune the plants. It easily grows into a large Christmas tree with tough trunks that can support some weight.

The flowering time is around 8-9 weeks. Combined with the recommended veg phase, it will take around 12-15 weeks from seed to harvest.

The yield of the Frisian Duck

Frisian Duck produces an XXL harvest of amazing purple flowers; between 400 and 500 grams per m2 is possible. The plant will sport heavy buds that will smell like you've stepped into a fresh forest!

Our expert advice:

Frisian Duck is the ideal strain if you are looking for a strain that will blend in well in your garden or outdoor guerrilla space. This is the stealthiest Cannabis Cup winning variant in the world. If you need an outdoor cannabis strain that disguises itself, then Frisian Duck is the strain for you.

For most of its life, the Frisian Duck is difficult to identify as cannabis. Without the distinctive shape of the cannabis leaf, people just walk past it without a second glance. This stealthy, self-cloaking cannabis strain is the product of many years of careful breeding and has been optimized for growing in harsh Northern European outdoor conditions.

Because the unusual shape of the leaves doesn't draw second glances, you can consider locations you may not have considered before.

Maybe you can hide a plant in the corner of your garden or in a poly tunnel?

Experienced guerrilla growers find that the Frisian Duck blends in with the background vegetation very easily. Grow this strain outdoors with some bushes and nettles around her and observe the Frisian Duck's unique genetics doing a remarkable job of natural self-camouflage. It is only truly identifiable as cannabis just before harvest, when the buds are ready.

It is not necessary to pluck or cut the leaves of the Frisian Duck. The growth pattern is perfect for natural growth. If you want a bushier plant, we recommend topping it once. When growing outdoors, make sure you give her enough soil and space as she can grow into a real monster in good outdoor conditions. Greenhouse growers also need to give her enough space to grow because she can really thrive in such an environment. It is not uncommon for Frisian Ducks grown in a greenhouse to reach 3m in height and as wide.

More information about Frisian Duck

Frisian Duck is one of the most unusual feminized cannabis strains available today. It is the only cannabis cup winning stealthy cannabis strain ideal for outdoor cultivation in harsh Northern European conditions.

The Frisian Duck grows with a stabilized natural leaf deformity. This creates a natural "tissue" between the individual "fingers" of the leaflets on the cannabis leaves. This makes it difficult to recognize them as cannabis. Most people expect the normal leaf shape and wouldn't take a second look. The unusual shape of the leaves, especially during early growth, provides a natural cannabis camouflage that the outdoor grower can take to great advantage.

Aside from being a stealthy strain for any outdoor cannabis grower, Frisian Duck is a robust and durable outdoor strain that can provide bountiful yields for both novices and experts alike.

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