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fem | Glookies

fem | Glookies

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GLOOKIES™ cannabis seeds

If Marvel Studios were to create an Avenger cannabis strain, it would be this one! Glookies. Experience the power of this indica dominant superhero strain, created by carefully fusing two versatile cannabis superstars. Gorilla Glue and the original Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies need no introduction. Another incredible addition to our Cali collection has arrived. You will feel a blatant physical high (stoned) coupled with a motivating energy that will change your day and give you drive. The taste of Glookies has to be experienced to be believed. Imagine colliding aromas of Sour Diesel, fresh lime and walnuts creating one of the most exotic bouquets on earth. Expect intense side branches and phenomenal yields from Glookies. With huge buds, with up to 25% THC, indoor yields of 800g/m² are possible, while outdoors you can achieve up to 2-3kg per plant in ideal conditions.

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