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Dutch Passion

fem | Master Kush

fem | Master Kush

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Why should I buy Master Kush feminized seeds?

  • Master Kush is an easy to grow Afghan Kush strain that can be grown on any type of medium and is very suitable for beginners.

  • This strain has an average flowering time of 8 weeks and a record high yield.

  • Master Kush produces long, continuous buds that grow tight and heavy and are easy to trim. The flower to leaf ratio is excellent.

  • The buds are potent and have a wonderful terpene profile. The record high is strong and has a very relaxing and calming effect.

Master Kush was named the overall winner of the 2017 Highlife Cup and also won 1st prize in the Kush category

Master Kush is an original Kush cannabis strain from Dutch Passion. This strain won at Highlife Cup 2017 1st prize in the Kush category and received the best rating with the highest score from the judges and was crowned the "Overall Cup Winner".

Master Kush is an old-school Kush with a subtle scent with earthy, citrus-dominant notes

The taste is fresh, sweet, earthy and spicy, a very tasty combination. Master Kush has a subtle Kush scent with a mainly earthy and citrusy aroma. Less scent is produced during the veg and flowering stages compared to other Kush strains. The aroma and taste are sometimes reminiscent of real hand-rubbed charas (hashish).

The taste is sweet, earthy, spicy and fruity. After a good curing time, you can usually smell and taste a strong lime/lemon smell and taste with a sweet and earthy character. A really tasty combination!

When inhaling, the fresh and sweet flavors come to the fore. As you exhale, you taste more of the earthy and spicy character of this original Kush strain. This strain is wonderfully smooth to smoke and has a calming effect.

Master Kush is an easy to grow Indica dominant Kush with potent buds and a sedative effect

Master Kush develops large, elongated buds that are packed with resin. It's a beautiful Kush strain with a more subtle smell and taste than you might expect. The effect is calming and soothing. The record high is more physical than mental. Although this strain can also induce an initial state of euphoria, it is primarily suited for evening use. This strain is easy to grow, taking an average of 8-9 weeks to fully mature and produce larger buds than most Kush strains on the market.

What exactly are Master Kush genetics?

Master Kush is a very hardy, easy to grow Afghani indica strain. It is an original Kush strain from the 1980s. This strain originally comes from the Hindu Kush mountains in northern Afghanistan. She is a pure indica cannabis strain and one of the oldest original Kush strains.

She was a customer favorite decades before today's modern Kush strains (like OG Kush) became popular. Master Kush is the right strain for growers looking for a potent, calming indica record high that is free from paranoia and relaxes both your body and mind. A potent strain popular with both medicinal and recreational users.

Master Kush is a robust indica-dominant Afghan cannabis strain with large buds and a good flower-to-leaf ratio

Master Kush is an easy to grow indica. She is known for her hardiness and her ability to grow in a wide range of conditions and to cope better than others with cold or hot spells. The origin of our Master Kush lies in the Hindu Kush mountains in Afghanistan. Strains from this region are known for their vigorous and hardy character, making them ideal for growers looking for a plant that can take a beating.

Master Kush is a compact strain that grows well in any medium, be it soil, hydro, or coco. She thrives in most growing conditions. Master Kush is easy to clone and a reliable, generous producer of very high quality cannabis. These cannabis seeds produce strong plants that are also suitable for novice growers.

Very easy to understand nutritionally, she thrives in organic soil, which benefits her aroma and flavor profile. This lady has a less pungent odor in the early stages, which may be an advantage for some growers. It is a compact to medium-sized strain. She grows slightly taller than other smaller original Afghan Kush strains like Night Queen or Afghani #1.

The buds are large and heavy with long pistils ranging from bright orange to brownish. Due to the size and density of the buds, Master Kush can be prone to mold in humid conditions. Good ventilation and low humidity are therefore of great importance. Her plant structure is best described as compact to medium-sized.

The internodal spacing is small, which allows the buds to line up nicely. She has a brief stretching phase of around 2-3 weeks, but grows profusely once the clock is set to 12/12. The long, heavy buds usually have few leaves, which combined with the short flowering time, makes this cannabis strain easy to trim and therefore very popular with commercial growers as well.

The genetics used for Master Kush guarantee the following characteristics:

  • A compact/medium sized Afghani indica with a record high yield.
  • Master Kush has long, full buds and a relatively fast flowering time, averaging 8-9 weeks
  • She is a hardy strain that thrives on any medium and environment.

Master Kush is easy to grow and packs a strong record high with a calming and soothing effect.

The effects of Master Kush

Master Kush is a potent strain with pure indica strength. It is known for having a strong, potent, and long-lasting record high. It has a strong effect and a heavy body stone. She is a strain with a good balance between physical and mental effects. She provides the user with physical relaxation without the full stoned effect sometimes seen with pure indicas.

Master Kush also seems to give a boost of energy to your senses, making them seem sharper than usual. Master Kush's record high is initially euphoric and stimulating. Over time, the record high turns into a relaxing and calming sense of well-being.

It really is a very pleasant strain for the evening. Medicinal users report that this strain counteracts stress and paranoia. If you consume a large dose, you will experience a strong feeling of being couch-locked. Ideal for a relaxing weekend day or a lazy evening!

The heyday of Master Kush

Master Kush has a short flowering time, averaging 8 weeks. Some phenotypes only take a week longer to fully mature. These are often the slightly taller plants that can flower for 60-65 days on a 12/12 light cycle. In perfect conditions, Master Kush will take you around 56 days. Master Kush stretches a little more during the flowering phase than her Afghani sister, Night Queen. This ensures that you can work with a slightly shorter vegetative growth phase.

Master Kush can also be grown outdoors, but it should be noted that she does not like humid conditions. In general, this is a strain that does well outdoors. But she also likes a dry climate. Temperature swings between day and night extremes aren't a problem, but too much rain or moisture from morning dew can cause bud rot in the late flowering phase.

Preferably grow them in a sunny and dry climate. If you want to grow her in a temperate climate, you should provide a shelter and adequate ventilation. A greenhouse that can be darkened earlier is often a good solution too. Outdoors, she is ready to harvest in late September to mid-October (depending on latitude and climate).

The yield of Master Kush

Master Kush is a high yielding strain. It is not difficult for beginners to get a high yield. Her long buds are firm and quite weighty. On average, yields of around 400 g/m2 can be achieved. In the hands of an expert and with the SCROG method, yields of up to 500g/m2 are possible. It is also possible to grow Master Kush in a SOG.

Outdoor yields range from a few tens of grams (for plants in small pots) to 500-750g per plant for hardy outdoor plants in large pots or in the ground. In a sunny and dry climate she can really grow into a real monster.

Indoors, she thrives in a variety of conditions and does well with soil, coco, and hydroponics. Whether you use HPS lights or LED lights (or maybe even CMH or Plasma), this lady always knows how to perform. Very even and commercial.

Expert Advice on Growing Master Kush Cannabis Seeds

Master Kush is a potent Afghani indica that practically grows by itself. She is one of the hardiest and strongest indoor strains. She likes a stable and dry climate, so keep that in mind if you want to get the best possible results.

In addition, Master Kush likes a generously sized grow container with enough soil, especially if you're working with a low number of plants per m2. She doesn't like wet feet and would rather be a bit drier than too wet. This lady does very well in a hydro system.

In combination with LED lamps and possibly a UV lamp (UVB and UVA), the buds become even more sticky and potent! Ensure adequate ventilation and low humidity to allow the buds to harden properly and not rot/mold. This indica grows as a compact hybrid photoperiod, allowing you to work with a shorter pregrow time than would be required with other indica-dominant strains.

Information about Master Kush

Master Kush is a Dutch Passion team favourite, a strain we would recommend to everyone. Aside from the ease of growth, this is a potent cannabis strain with a strong record high and a very pleasant effect. The strong 'Body Stone' lets you relax and switch off!

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