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Dutch Passion

Fem | Mazar

Fem | Mazar

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Why should I buy Mazar feminized seeds?

  • This Dutch Passion classic from the 1990s formed the basis for many new hybrids. She is a strong, robust indica that is easy to grow and suitable for any type of grower and growing medium

  • Mazar is a powerful indica-dominant hybrid of Afghan origin. This is a classic Kush strain with thick, heavy buds of the highest quality with a pungent, earthy hash aroma

  • Afghanica (Indica's from Afghanistan) are known for a compact structure, thick fat leaves and rock hard buds with a thick white layer of trichomes. Mazar is no exception.

  • If you are looking for a robust Afghan with very high yields, then Mazar is the perfect choice. The addition of a small helping of Skunk genetics makes her one of the most potent indica-dominant hybrids you'll come across.

Mazar, our old school Afghan and multiple Cannabis Cup winner

Mazar is a multiple Cannabis Cup winner and managed to secure a number of cups fairly quickly after their introduction in the 1990s. She won 2nd prize at the HTCC (the prestigious High Times Cannabis Cup) in 1999. Shortly thereafter she won 2nd prize at the 2002 High Life Cup in the Netherlands.

In Bologna (Italy) she won 1st prize at the Tipo Forte in 2008. Finally, in 2014, she received Soft Secrets Magazine's Plant Of The Year Award for the impact Mazar has left in the cannabis world over the years. A fitting tribute to this classic that comes with our highest recommendations!

  • 2nd prize HTCC 1999, Netherlands
  • 2nd prize High Life Cup 2002, Netherlands
  • 1st prize Tipo Forte 2008, Bologna, Italy
  • Plant of the Year 2014 Soft Secrets Magazine, International

Mazar has an earthy hashish aroma with notes of pine, incense and citrus, in short a pungent and highly aromatic terpene profile

Mazar has incredibly sticky buds, a popular trait of indica-dominant Kush strains from the Mazar-i-Sharif region. They are also known for a very aromatic terpene profile - the buds smell super strong and pungent. In general, the scent of Afghan hash dominates, with earthy and piney scents predominating.

In addition, the aroma has hints of herbs, incense, citrus and sometimes sweet floral notes. Squeezing the buds reveals the fruitier, citrus-dominant notes. When you smoke this strain, you mainly taste the piney, earthy flavors with hints of fruit, which is exactly what gives this strain the authentic, old-school weed experience.

Growers who have been around for several years will recognize and appreciate this strain like no other. If you've never tried a real Mazar, it's definitely time to start growing those resin-soaked buds!

Mazar is a robust cannabis plant with a heavy yield

Mazar is an original Afghan Indica crossed with a special phenotype of our legendary Skunk #1. Pure Indica's from Afghanistan are known for their robustness and ease of cultivation. These plants grow and flower quickly. They can usually withstand colder temperatures and develop very strong branches with thick buds and a good layer of sticky trichomes.

Crossing this Afghanica with our Skunk #1 has significantly increased yields and given plants a slightly less short/stuffy structure making them more suitable for all types of growing conditions and growers. Mazar is ideal for beginners and can tolerate a certain amount of nutrients both during growth and flowering. With an average flowering time of 8-9 weeks, she is still a fast flowering indica.

Exactly what kind of genetics are there in Mazar?

Mazar is one of the most potent and best strains Dutch Passion have ever created. Our original Mazar is a classic from the 1980's, developed from a special Skunk #1 crossed with a high quality Afghan. In 1997 the genetic mix was improved and today Mazar is still one of our best selling and most valued strains ever.

Mazar is a medium-sized plant with compact, all-white buds with high potency

Mazar is a medium sized indica dominant cannabis strain with a compact plant and bud structure. Her indica characteristics are most evident during the veg phase. Once she starts flowering, her Skunk characteristics come to the fore a little more.

She has significantly more stretch than all-pure Afghani indicas. This means more buds and bigger buds, which ultimately benefits the yield. When growing naturally, it usually has a Christmas tree-like appearance with heavy side branches. The thick buds may need some support to stay upright at the end of the flowering period.

The robustness and vigor make Mazar an excellent choice for novice growers. She is a true Afghan hash plant with high potency and extreme resin production.

During the vegetative phase she can have a short, compact structure with very fat dark green indica leaves. Some phenotypes have a slightly more open hybrid structure, the fan leaves of these plants can get very large.

The most compact indica dominant phenos are perfect plants for a SOG. The thick branches, the fast flowering phase and a large compact dominant main flower ensure that you can achieve very high yields. The plants that lean more toward a hybrid structure (with a bit more Skunk genetics) can also be grown perfectly in a SCROG. You can use these different growing techniques to increase yields.

The stretch is average for an indica dominant cannabis plant. She continues to grow in the flowering phase for about 2 to a maximum of 3 weeks. The plants are known for their thick branches that can support large, sturdy buds. The internodal distance is short to medium, which ensures that large, long buds will develop.

The genetics used for Mazar guarantee the following characteristics:

  • A medium sized indica dominant Afghani hash plant with a heavy yield
  • A compact plant/flower structure and buds with a thick sticky layer of trichomes
  • A high THC level and a very pungent terpene profile, a must for true old-school Kush lovers

Mazar is a strong indica with a THC percentage of around 20% when grown under good conditions. In the hands of an expert, even higher THC percentages and very large yields are possible.

Effects of Mazar

Mazar has a strong and long-lasting effect. These old-school genetics produce cannabis buds of the highest quality with a wonderfully relaxing effect. The high is incredibly strong and is certainly one of the strongest indicas in our collection. The high sets in quickly, and you can feel the effects after just a few hits.

It is a combination of a "body high" and a "head high" where the more physical effects predominate. You will enjoy a feeling of happiness, familiarity and numbing, with a mental quality that is contemplative and meditative. In short, it's a relaxing effect that leaves you in a relaxed state.

Once the high kicks in, you'll feel your limbs and eyelids getting heavier and heavier, allowing you to sink into the couch. A real couch locker. This strong couch-lock makes Mazar very popular with recreational and medicinal users alike. It's the perfect strain to smoke during the day or in the evening. It offers a long-lasting effect that can last for several hours.

The flowering stage of Mazar

Mazar flowers in around 8 weeks on average, but there are some phenotypes that take a little longer, around 9-10 weeks at most. These tend to be the slightly more hybrid plants with a little more Skunk genetics.

It is a compact cannabis strain with a small to medium expansion during the flowering phase. The strain continues to grow for around 2-3 weeks after switching the light cycle to 12/12. From week 4 the plants start to smell very strongly.

Keep this in mind when growing indoors, as the pungent Kush smell is best dealt with by new carbon filters.

The yield of Mazar

Mazar has received an XL touch, this fast hybrid indica dominant Afghani hash plant is capable of high yields. The buds become very dense and heavy.

Due to the strong branches and the good internodal distance, they also grow large. On average, yields of around 400-500 g/m2 are possible. In the hands of an expert, even higher yields can be achieved.

The leaf to flower ratio is excellent and the buds are usually covered in beautiful orange hairs and a thick layer of sticky resin. She can also be grown outdoors in sunnier, warmer climates. In the more temperate climates, she can be grown under a shelter such as a greenhouse. The compact, heavy buds do not like high humidity, so you should take this into account both indoors and outdoors to avoid mold and bud rot.

Advice from our experts

Mazar is an uncomplicated cannabis strain that is easy to grow by any type of grower or grow method. Her genetic background makes for a very stable and consistent end result. She is an indica dominant strain with only a small amount of sativa genetics, meaning this plant is a little less stocky and has a higher yield than the purest indica's. The combination of quality, yield, speed, robustness and ease of cultivation has made this strain a real classic and a legendary cannabis strain.

The most important tip we can give is to keep both humidity and temperature under control. She does not like extremely high temperatures, which can cause the buds to become "fluffier". Low humidity is important to prevent mold and rot. In addition, good air circulation is important for our Kush Mazar. This ensures that the branches become stronger and they can carry more weight.

Do you want to get the highest possible yield from this strain? Then ensure a stable climate with a low maximum temperature (25-27ºC) in combination with low humidity and sufficient air exchange / displacement.

Mazar information

Mazar is one of our legendary cannabis strains that has been on the bestseller list for decades. She is a unique indica hybrid characterized by very white, compact buds with a strong, pungent hash smell. All of the phenotypes you can find are easy to grow and typically have large, full buds with a solid layer of resin.

Some phenos have more of a golf ball structure and others have a little more "foxtails" in the buds. Characteristic of all plants is the thick white layer of trichomes and the compactness of the buds with a good calyx-to-leaf ratio. Mazar is a recognized classic and multiple award winner. Highly recommended!

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