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fem | Pink Kush

fem | Pink Kush

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PINK KUSH™ cannabis seeds

PINK KUSH™ is a stunning and prized relative of OG Kush. This strain redefines reality with the pink and lilac discolorations. The buds are dense and shimmer heavily as they are packed with glistening trichomes, all in under 70 days. Due to the dense buds, this strain prefers low humidity. Many find this vanilla-scented gem to be the perfect antidote to insomnia, as it helps with both pain and insomnia. As true OG genetics, you can expect a strong effect but also that appreciated light "feel" that will stimulate all your senses. Terpene-rich PINK KUSH™ plays with the sense of smell and frees the senses. Flowering is usually complete after 9 weeks indoors. Outdoors, a dry climate is ideal. High yields of up to 600-700 gr/m2 can be expected, although the plant only grows to a medium height of 1.2m.

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