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car | Afghani #1

car | Afghani #1

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The number one choice among indica lovers looking for autoflowering plants with heavy, sticky buds! Our classic Afghani #1 has been evolved into a feminized autoflowering strain to make it even easier for beginners and indoor growers with limited space. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, Afghani #1 Automatic seeds are an easy path to success.

Afghani #1 Automatic cannabis seeds were developed from the best indica parents in our Afghan special breed collection. Sensi Seeds' finest hash plants have been distilled into an autoflowering feminized seed strain that provides growers with textbook specimens of the 'Afghanica' genotype every time.

Expect vigorous, medium-sized plants with thick side branches and lush, dark green foliage. Height gain during flowering is within the normal indica range, ie plants roughly double their vegetative height during flowering.

The autoflowering traits bred into Afghani #1 Automatic cause plants to start flowering after just 5 to 7 weeks of vegetative growth. Once the flowering phase is triggered, this heavy-yielding indica finishes quickly, filling its frame with dense knots of bud. These buds reach their full size in another 7 to 9 weeks of flowering, making it possible to grow this strain from seedling to harvest in as little as 12 weeks!

Plants grown from Afghani #1 Automatic seeds typically give the best yields with a single main stem and unpruned branches. Due to the nature of autoflowering cannabis seeds, Afghani #1 Automatic plants should not be 'topped' as this usually does not increase their branching and budding. Even indoors, with controlled photoperiods, autoflowering cannabis cannot be given extra time in vegetative growth to recover after pruning. The flowering phase of Afghani #1 starts according to its predetermined cycle, regardless of the number of hours of light the plants receive.

When Afghani #1 Automatic enters its autoflowering phase, hard, oval calyxes begin to form at each node, filling the top of the stem and branches with long, white pistils. These calyxes multiply and swell to medium size, remaining dense as they develop into solid buds. These buds will grow into larger clusters of flowers, and when most of a plant's pistils have turned from white to orange, the top of the main stem should be a single cola glistening with resin glands.

Although Cannabis indica takes its name from India, cannabis seeds from Afghanistan provide us with the most perfect examples of the compact, powerful indica family. Indeed, the vast Indian subcontinent is home to all types of cannabis. The short, rapid growth pattern of the indica genotype is the result of cannabis' adaptation to the diverse and extreme conditions of a high altitude environment.

Similar conditions prevail in Afghanistan's Hindu Kush mountains, which share the ancient Indian tradition of skillful cultivation of cannabis and hash. Afghan indica strains have been selectively bred for potency, weight, and resin production for untold generations. The result is a rich and vibrant Afghani indica gene pool with a distinct overall appearance and dozens if not hundreds of local variations.

Afghani #1 Automatic buds are heavy and flavorful, with a relaxing, highly potent indica effect. Thanks to the density and weight of this strain, even the smaller, unconnected clusters of flowers in the lower reaches of each plant will add up to a pleasing yield upon harvest. That's because Afghani #1 Automatic remains heavy after harvest and retains a good chunk of its weight after drying. Large colas should retain most of their size and barely visibly shrink during the drying and curing process.

Looking at the dried buds of Afghani #1 Automatic, it's obvious why this strain's Afghan ancestors are known as Hash Plant! A thick layer of cannabinoid-rich trichomes completely covers the mature flower clusters as well as the single-petaled 'spear leaves' that grow from them. These sticky resin glands are the raw material from which all forms of hash are made.

Manicuring routinely involves scissors and fingers being caked with dark deposits of sticky trichomes reminiscent of the way fresh Indian 'charas' hash is collected. When properly dried and cured, tapping a bud of Afghani #1 Automatic will release a tiny shower of yellow-brown powder. These are resin glands in their dry form, collected for the sifted hash from Afghanistan and Morocco.

The rich, spicy flavor of raw cannabis resin is a strong element in Afghani #1 Automatic's bouquet, along with the sweet, earthy, and spicy incense aromas characteristic of Afghan indicas.

Of course, the buds of Afghani #1 Automatic have an extremely strong indica effect - physical, sensual and long-lasting. This strain is a wonderful appetite stimulant and can be a great aid to relaxation and sleep. While inexperienced recreational smokers might find Afghani #1 Automatic's indica effects sleepy in large doses, indica connoisseurs should enjoy the ride from start to finish without falling asleep.

If you have any experience growing a true Afghani indica, you will know why this species is fundamental to modern cannabis breeding. Indoor strains known for compact stature, dense bud formation, and excellent resin production almost exclusively have Afghan Hash Plant ancestors. Whatever your experience level, if you are looking for a dark, fragrant indica that flowers automatically and produces a heavy and potent yield, order Afghani #1 Automatic seeds now!
Feminized cannabis seeds
Cool / Cold
Compact plant
Flowering time 40 - 45 days
Medium yield
85% Indica
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