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car | Big Bud

car | Big Bud

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Big Bud has long been known as the benchmark for high-performance indica, and Big Bud Automatic is the latest update of our definitive heavy strain. These feminized cannabis seeds produce vigorous, easy-growing plants that flower automatically and quickly develop large, solid, highly potent buds. Big Bud Automatic is our highest yielding autoflowering strain!

The original Big Bud clone that made its way to Holland from the US in the 1980s was a vigorous Afghan-Skunk hybrid that produced huge, heavy clusters of flowers. The project to turn this single female plant into a stable cannabis seed strain began by pollinating the Big Bud clone with cannabis strains very similar to the parent plants. This resulted in two early hybrids, Big Bud x Skunk #1 and Big Bud x Northern Lights #1, both of which proved very popular. Eventually, a specimen of the clone's original Afghan parent strain was obtained - a bulky Hash Plant strain - which made it possible to backcross and stabilize the strain. The result was a vigorous, mostly indica seed cannabis strain that was able to match and even exceed the yields of the original clone, with significantly improved potency and flavor. Our Big Bud seed strain was released in the early 90's, quickly garnered multiple awards and has been one of our most popular strains ever since.

Recently, Sensi Seeds developed a powerful feminized version of this venerable strain, and the improvements and refinements continue with our latest release: Big Bud Automatic! This feminized, autoflowering cannabis seed strain retains the taste, potency, and density of Big Bud, but has a more compact structure and faster flowering time. Usually cultivated indoors under lights, Big Bud Automatic can also grow outdoors in sunny climates, and her autoflowering ability allows her to flower successfully even under unusual or erratic light cycles. Plants start flowering when they develop their seventh to ninth pair of true leaves, which is usually around 6 to 8 weeks after germination.

Since the onset of flowering is predictable, growers can time the germination of Big Bud Automatic seeds to coincide with flowering during the warmest and lightest months of their local growing season. Light-sensitive cannabis strains can't flower during the long, sunny days of June, but Big Bud Automatic can!

This heavy indica produces most of its yield on the main stem and upper branches. Big Bud Automatic should not be 'topped' to increase bud count as a plant's vegetative period cannot be extended to allow for the regeneration of pruned branches. Even manipulating the light cycle will not increase or decrease the final height of this strain due to its autoflowering ability. The maximum height of plants is largely predetermined, and the easiest way to minimize their ultimate height is to prune them late in the vegetative phase. After 7-9 weeks of flowering, plants typically reach a height of 90-130cm and are laden down with an excellent harvest of mature, resinous indica buds. As with its predecessors, Big Bud Automatic's branches may need to be supported during the later flowering stages to prevent them from breaking under their own weight!

The flower clusters and the particularly firm main colas retain much of their size and weight after drying and curing. The resin covers the entire surface of the buds and is remarkably abundant even within their densely packed structure. Individual calyxes can swell to remarkable size, although the vast majority of calyxes are packed together at the nodes where they almost fight for space, giving the buds of this strain their amazing density.

Once dry, Big Bud Automatic's huge, sparkling clusters of flowers have a rich bouquet and flavor of her Afghani and Skunk ancestors. Sweet, pungent, fruity and musky aromas give way to a strong undercurrent of crisp, resinous hash. The sticky trichomes coating the buds impart a very strong physical effect, lightened by the Skunk #1 sativa elements and enhanced by a cerebral high. Big Bud Automatic has a balanced THC and CBD content, making her suitable for a variety of medicinal uses. Of course, the long-lasting, sensual high of this strain also makes it an excellent recreational strain.

Sensi Seeds' Big Bud seeds have undergone numerous refinements and improvements over their 25-year history. It has been our constant mission to perfect our high yielding indica powerhouse and make it easier and more rewarding for growers of all skill levels to grow successfully. This latest update to the family is the highest yielding producer in our selection of feminized autoflowering strains. Big Bud Automatic is ideal for growers looking for an easy to grow, productive indica!
Feminized cannabis seeds
Cool / Cold
Compact plant
Flowering time 45 - 50 days
Medium yield
80% indica
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