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car | blackberry

car | blackberry

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Our Blackberry Auto took first place in the Oregon Autoflower Cup and is a good choice for novices and indica fans. This strain has up to 23% THC and consists of some of our best genetics. With a height of up to 1.10 m, high yields are guaranteed.

Bud description

Plump, resin-soaked buds, round like berries, await you after harvest. They are like wild berries dipped in sugar. It's a beautiful sight to look at the deep purple buds in the grinder after growing.

smoke report

Due to the indica dominance, casual users can find the high very strong and oppressive, leaving them feeling lazy and sleepy. Cannabis connoisseurs, on the other hand, will enjoy the relaxing, fruity body high. Either way, our Blackberry Auto isn't just a visual stunner.


The indica-like structure and bushy growth are characteristic of our Blackberry Auto. The close spacing between the buds allows efficient use of the light, which is particularly beneficial indoors. A large main bud will develop in the middle. Her purple hues extend from the widely spaced buds to the tips of the leaves. A fantastic strain that is perfect for all growers looking for something special.

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