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car | bubble gum

car | bubble gum

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An easy to grow plant with a rich strawberry flavor. Bubble Gum Auto will impress any commercial grower with her short flowering time. An old-school gem that reflects the ideal mix of indica and sativa while producing large yields. Well-suited for novice growers who want the vigor of a hybrid in its most accomplished form with a THC level of 20%. Bubble Gum Auto takes only 9 weeks to reach harvest time. The perfect choice for growers who prefer big yields of the highest quality.

Bud description

The buds of our Bubble Gum Auto are large and very dense, which means that a single bud will fill an enormous amount of space. Her structure is quite compact and riddled with trichomes, giving her that unmistakably sticky robe. When a dry bud is ground up, an intensely fruity strawberry scent is immediately released, a real lure that invites you for more.

smoke report

Bubble Gum Auto is an old school legend. The effects come across as upbeat and happy, while gradually being overwhelmed with clarity and creativity. An excellent choice for socializing, enjoying long walks in nature, inspiring inner creativity or just getting motivated for the day.


This lady grows to an impressive height of 80-130cm and produces a striking main bud surrounded by long side branches. The buds fill the entire surface of the branches and are infused with resin. A wonderfully sweet-floral aroma gives off that will make you think you're growing in a strawberry field. The growth structure is bushy and looks like a Christmas tree. The fan leaves grow with a thin serrated pattern. Its resin-covered leaves are a visual feature and give it a waxy appearance.

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