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420 FastBuds

car | C4

car | C4

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C4 Auto is one of the first Fast Buds genetics we released and has been steadily improved over the years. The long improvement process combined with the good genetics make this strain one of the most stable and potent purple genetics on the market. Consisting of the outstanding traits of her parents, including short flowering time and lively flavor, C4 Auto is a potent, buttery-tasting hybrid with an indica structure that can grow to a stable height of 100cm.

Bud description

The buds of our C4 Auto are incredibly compact and offer real color variety. The purple leaves are covered with a layer of delicate crystals and orange hairs.

smoke report

A pleasant balance of indica and sativa ensures that the effect of our C4 Auto is very balanced and somewhat milder. When smoked, the initial sensation is a gentle sativa head high, which slowly transitions into a relaxed, intensified body buzz. Perfect for meditation and evening indulgence.


A bulky indica plant that produces multiple shoots that are densely clustered with sparkling dark purple buds. Resistant and forgiving, this strain also offers a large spacing between the buds. With its genetic robustness and a height of up to 100 cm, this guaranteed yield is perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

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