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car | Californian Snow

car | Californian Snow

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Our Californian Snow Auto is the result of a cross between a Cali Sativa and our own autoflower genetics. The result is a snow-covered plant with frosty buds. With 23% THC and her strong sweet and sour taste and smell, she twists all your senses. An uncomplicated sativa perfect for a first grow.

Bud description

The icy buds are a rich green color and are completely covered in a thick layer of white crystals. You can already guess visually that our Californian Snow Auto shines with good taste and high THC content.

smoke report

A euphoric high that is still relaxing. The revitalizing effect makes Californian Snow Auto ideal for anyone who wants to have great conversations or just wants to express their creativity through writing or drawing.


Due to her strong sativa dominance, our Californian Snow Auto can reach a height of up to 1.30 m. The large distance between the shoots allows for optimal use of light and gives the buds the opportunity to develop their full potential. At the end of the flowering period, the plant will cover its buds and sugarleaves with white crystals.

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