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car | Cream cookies

car | Cream cookies

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We refined our GSC line to create the perfect recipe for our Cream Cookies Auto. This indica-dominant strain will not grow taller than 90cm and is easy to manage. The strong yet relaxing sativa head high is accompanied by an intense indica body high. This combination can contain up to 23% THC. The rich Kush flavor is complemented by sugary terpenes. This combination is the reason for the smooth smoke, which is reminiscent of the delicious combination of cookies and cream.

Bud description

A mixture of different shades of green peppered with occasional violet discolourations. The orange hairs protrude from a sticky layer of resin. The buds exude sweet and creamy scents reminiscent of fresh cream cookies.

smoke report

An uplifting high that slowly transitions into a relaxed well-being that can keep you couch-locked. Perfect for movie nights on summer nights or for letting your mind wander while listening to your favorite music. Occasional users may experience a slightly lethargic effect.


Our Cream Cookies Auto can reach a height of 60 to 90 cm. Despite her indica-heavy structure, her shoots grow far apart from each other. The plant forms a large main bud accompanied by several side shoots. The buds are covered with a layer of resin. After rinsing, some leaves will take on reddish hues.

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