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car | Crystal METH

car | Crystal METH

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Crystal METH Auto is one of our first creations. This psychedelic strain is definitely unique in every way. Years of selective breeding have resulted in one of our favorite sativa hybrids. The aesthetic appearance and the very high yield prospects also make it very popular with growers. Due to its high potency, it produces a euphoric high that is almost hallucinogenic. Perfect for listening to beautiful music or watching movies. A slightly taller autoflower that can grow up to 1.20 m tall and surprises with sweet hazelnut-like scents and aromas. The perfect strain for anyone looking for a sweet sativa trip.

Bud description

Deep purple, crystal-coated buds are illuminated by bright orange pistils. This extreme contrast visually underlines their uniqueness.

smoke report

Our Crystal Meth Auto represents a true sativa strain. The high quickly builds a euphoric mood that slowly fades into a feeling of contentment. Perfect for daytime indulgence. The effects of this strain will definitely boost your activity.


A low-maintenance strain that can reach a height of 0.7 to 1.20 m. Despite the sativa-typical effect, an indica-like structure can be recognized by the compact growth. The plant forms a perfect main bud accompanied by compact shoots. Things get interesting in the 5th week, as that's when the plant begins to drape itself in a veil of rich purple tones. A beautiful sight that you don't want to let go of.

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