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car | devil cream

car | devil cream

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100% autoflowering strain. This is a polyhybrid resulting from a cross between selected genetic lines from two of our purple flowering strains: Dark Devil and Black Cream. This strain shows great hybrid vigor from germination as it consists of a wide genetic mix.
This strain develops the typical structure of an Indica-Sativa hybrid with a strong main stem, sturdy side branches and large leaves that end up forming a thick and dense main cola surrounded by numerous buds on the side branches that are also of good caliber and high density exhibit.
Devil Cream produces copious amounts of a very aromatic resin. The aroma is sweet and fruity with hints of incense and lemony citrus notes. The plants grow quite tall for an autoflowering strain, a trait inherited from the Dark Devil genes that intervene in the crossing. Some specimens can reach more than a meter in height, all in just two months from seed germination. The resin of this plant has a strong and exciting effect.

Autofloreciente 100%
Indoor yield: 350-600 gr/m²
Yield outdoors: 40-175 g/plant
Harvest indoors/outdoors: 8 weeks after germination
Height: 70-120cm
Purple Flower: about 85% of specimens

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