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car | Lemon AK

car | Lemon AK

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This is our own creation based on the old classic AK-47. We have put special emphasis on improving the growth pattern. Accompanied by delicious lemon flavors and up to 25% THC, growers can expect a euphoric, fruity high that's great for creative pursuits or social gatherings.

A robust strain that doesn't grow taller than 100cm, making it ideal for anyone wanting to grow an evolved, citrusy creation of a well-known classic; with better growth, stronger effect and improved taste.

Bud description

A noble plant that produces wonderful dense buds. The juicy green color and sparkling trichomes already give a hint that Lemon AK Auto is the all-time favorite among extraction lovers. The high THC levels and the extraordinary amount of resin between the buds only confirm the opinion of most extraction lovers.

smoke report

The citrusy smoke delivers a refreshing high while spreading euphoria, ideal for deep conversations or venturing out creatively. Occasional smokers should be careful, with 23% THC this strain is very potent and makes you extremely high.


Our Lemon AK Auto reaches a height of 70 to 100 cm. At the start of her cycle she looks like a small bush with a stout main stem, but as the flowering stage progresses she develops into a crystal-covered Christmas tree adorned with solid, potent buds. The shoots will likely need support to support the buds in the last few weeks. Although Lemon AK Auto is an autoflowering genetic, the special sativa structure can result in delayed harvest timing.

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