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car | Lemon Pie

car | Lemon Pie

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An indica dominant hybrid that is incredibly easy to grow and very resilient. This strain is suitable for both beginners and experienced growers, who will obtain colorful buds with red-pink reflections and a THC level of 24% with little effort. Light orange and white pistils, which are noticeable from afar, are an additional highlight. You can expect a powerful but not overwhelming high that comes hand-in-hand with a unique, extremely delicious, sweet and doughy citrus-pine scent. Lemon Pie Auto performs exceptionally well both indoors and outdoors, although it is recommended to grow the plant in larger pots to reach its full potential. In about 8 weeks you can harvest up to 550 gr/m2. The extremely dense and chunky buds will amaze you with the excessive resin production. you will think they are completely soaked in it.

Bud description

Lemon Pie Auto produces beautiful light green buds with yellow and in some cases slightly red or pink tones. The buds appear almost entirely white due to the excess of resin, sometimes it is even difficult to see anything other than the light orange and white hairs.

smoke report

The effects will be a good mix of physical and cerebral effects. It starts out as a pleasant, uplifting head high that wakes you up while deeply relaxing your body. It won't calm you down too much, nor will it tie you to the couch. This strain is perfect for relieving physical pain while staying active.


The plant has a tall main bud with multiple side branches surrounded by light green thick buds. They are fully embedded in resin with not too long, light orange and white hairs. The thick buds lead to a fairly high yield that can reach up to 550 g/m2. In many cases, this strain shows light pinkish reddish tones on the buds. By rinsing them, you can spread those beautiful colors all over the plant, giving it an incredibly good look.

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