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420 FastBuds

car | LSD

car | LSD

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An indica dominant fast grower that takes only 9-10 weeks from seed to harvest. A stunningly beautiful purple plant with THC levels over 21% that will put you in a cerebral time warp. In a short time she reaches both a serious size and weight, making it a great strain for growers who need a fast delivery time, including first-time growers. With heady aromas like diesel, fuel, and smoked wood, it is highly desirable for fans of strong, gassy terpenes. Certainly a favorite of the Fast Buds team, and a strain that resonates across the board.

Bud description

The buds have a chunky and puffy appearance that ranges from lilac, magenta, violet, and light pink. If you love purple strains, then this one is one of the best you will come across. The trichomes are densely clustered around the hypnotically purple glowing buds, which have a stacked and long shape. Of course, everyone wants these buds.

smoke report

Despite her indica characteristics, LSD-25 Auto can blast you into other dimensions and keep you there. As her name suggests, she is very mind-altering and definitely trippy! Best suited for smokers with a high tolerance and for those who enjoy bursts of focus and creativity. Beginners should exercise restraint in moderation.


Expect to grow between 70-120cm in height, making LSD-25 Auto quite tall for an autoflowering strain. However, she is very easy to grow and a wise choice for any novice who wants to fill their tent with the best quality. Once flowering begins, its pigment shifts in various shades from purple to pink, making it stand out. Yields of 400-500gr/m2 can be reached in just 9-10 weeks and thanks to its indica and sativa mix, it responds very well to training. The fan leaves are short and thick with small spaces between shoots, keeping their size down in the early stages of growth. Once flowering begins, LSD-25 Auto has a bountiful resin profile, making her a highly productive strain for hash makers.

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