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Krumme Gurken

car | OG Kush

car | OG Kush

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The most potent autoflower strain from our Fast Buds Auto Originals series! Easy to use and therefore very suitable for all beginners. Our OG Kush Auto has an extremely distinctive terpene profile, with flavors of pine, citrus and an overwhelming pungency. A legend refined with Fast Buds DNA. The world famous OG Kush reaches THC levels of up to 23%, making this strain the banger of the new Original line.

Thanks to her Californian heritage, this lady is used to hot days and cold nights and will excel in all climates. Due to its strong and sleepy effects, it is best suited for smokers with a high tolerance or for those who like to let their mind wander.

Bud description

OG Kush Auto produces firm and structurally strong buds. These smell enticingly of pine and ripe citrus fruits. The calyxes are very dense and close together, which is why the characteristics of this strain appear rather small and a bit squat. Her remarkable terpene profile and enormous potency characterize our spirited strain. Not to mention the insane amount of painterly resin that coats the bud like a coat of caramel.

smoke report

The effect of this strain is devastatingly strong and not for newcomers! Smoking results in a heavy hitting and extremely long-lasting high. Over-indulgence of the potent strain will catapult you to sleep or a feeling of absolute inner calm. The perfect choice for medicinal patients looking for therapeutic effects, or for smokers craving a full-on, powerful high.


Our OG Kush Auto forms only short distances between the thin branches. Thanks to its indica dominance, it reaches a medium height. Quality yields of up to 450-550g/m² can be harvested in around 63 days. The main buds are often the ones with the highest yields. Its low-maintenance character makes it easy for beginners to grow, so that they gradually get a feel for the strain and its needs.

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