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420 FastBuds

car | Pineapple Express

car | Pineapple Express

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One of Fast Buds original strains, very stable and a good choice for beginners who want to grow something fruity. A balanced sativa-indica hybrid with 20% THC, Pineapple Express Auto delivers a stimulating but not overpowering high, characterized primarily by energizing energy and flavorful tropical aromas. A hardy, easy-growing plant with a substantial production, novice and professional growers alike will be pleased with the results.

Bud description

Imagine lush green buds covered in dense crystals. The strong fruity smell combined with sticky buds makes you wonder if the buds were soaked in a fruit smoothie before harvest.

smoke report

Healthy with an uplifting effect. With around 20% THC, it delivers a balanced high that won't blow your mind, leave you couch-locked, or make you paranoid and anxious. Instead, the high will take you on board the train; relax and stimulate at the same time.


A vibrant, rich green Christmas tree-like plant with dense bud growth around the trunk and branches. Pineapple Express Auto grows tall, sometimes up to 1.4 m! So if you want to use her full potential, you should give her the space she needs. You can expect full maturity around the 9th and 10th week.

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