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car | gelato

car | gelato

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Since its inception in California, Gelato has become a benchmark for quality and exceptional taste, and our Gelato Auto builds on those attributes. A well-structured and stable plant, perfect for extraction with its distinct ice cream flavors.

Bud description

The bright green buds are covered with orange-gold hairs. Even the slightest touch of the trichome-covered buds will make your fingers sticky.

smoke report

A powerful high that clears the mind and leaves you feeling energetic. Just too perfect for creative minds who want to overcome writer's block. Casual smokers shouldn't underestimate the THC content of up to 26%, otherwise they could easily sink into an evening on the couch. Enjoy the full-bodied and creamy aroma and get involved in creative moments.


Whether under the sun or under the grow lights, the crystal-covered leaves of our lush green Gelato Auto sparkle like diamonds. Her stocky indica structure grows big, compact buds. Towards the end of the flowering period, the trichomes turn orange.

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