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car | Purple Lemonade

car | Purple Lemonade

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Purple Lemonade Auto originated from a cross between two genetics, Purple and Citrus Cali. Combined with our own autoflowering genetics, the result is an indica-dominant hybrid that is our most advanced purple genetics to date. With up to 22% THC, our Purple Lemonade Auto offers a complex and euphoric sativa high that also has a slightly relaxing effect on the body. Her spicy flavors are accompanied by a strong sugary note, making smoking a sweet experience.

Bud description

Purple buds contrast starkly with the orange hairs. A harmonious combination of purple buds, with dark green sugarleaves and partly pink hairs. This interaction definitely makes the Bud a visual highlight. The purple compact buds shoot out in all directions, forming a dense glossy sea.

smoke report

Our Purple Lemonade Auto is an indica-dominant hybrid that is second to none. When smoked, one experiences a euphoric buzz that feels invigorating and refreshing. This euphoric kick is gradually replaced by a wave of physical relaxation. With up to 22% THC, this strain is very potent while still being perfect for daytime use. But it also invites you to spend relaxing evenings on the sofa.


The Purple Lemonade Auto reaches a height of about 70 to 110 cm. The large dark purple buds and sugarleaves create a bold contrast along with the light green trunk. One of our most beautiful strains, which is ideal for LST (LowStressTrainig) with its large distance between the buds.

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