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car | Purple Punch

car | Purple Punch

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A modern Cali autoflower that reaches a height of 150cm and produces massive yields of up to 600g/m2. This truly special autoflower gives you everything a top-notch indica-dominant strain should. Buds embedded in resin, with the density you already know from our indica-dominant strains and a look that surprises even the most experienced growers. The buds feature beautiful purple and magenta hues that come with an almost sweet-tart candy-like flavor and thanks to the 24% THC, you can feel a very pleasant effect. The high starts out surprisingly motivating and will have you completely relaxed in no time.

Bud description

Purple Punch Auto develops round, compact buds with fat calyxes and bright orange or sometimes bright yellow hairs. The abundant trichomes give the buds that beautiful frosty look. The light green buds can feature subtle purple or lime green tones, giving them a charming and attractive look and contrasting beautifully with each other, while the delicious mix of earthy cherries and blueberry muffins will definitely enchant you with its spicy undertones.

smoke report

Due to the high THC content, you will experience a powerful effect that completely relaxes your whole body and gradually makes you feel like your muscles are just melting away. Despite the strong indica effects, the light sativa genetics will keep you from sinking into the couch, thanks to the light sativa genetics that induce a pleasant, creative head high, but rather put yourself in a peaceful, clear-headed state. The perfect effect to get through a busy day stress-free, to relieve sore muscles after a long workout or just for fun.


Due to its indica dominance, this strain remains relatively compact despite its height, revealing those wide and thick fan leaves that are typical of indica dominant strains. The structure of the plant is classic, a thick main bud surrounded by a few shorter side branches, on which the incredibly frosty buds develop, which surprise with their almost unbelievable fullness at the end of the flowering period.

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