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420 FastBuds

car | smoothies

car | smoothies

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Our Smoothie Auto is the result of crossing Somango and Blueberry, created to combine the best of both worlds. A well-structured plant that is great for any grower. Up to 23% THC leads to a euphoric high. The incredibly fruity taste of our Smoothie Auto, in addition to the high THC content, is one reason why she is great for extractions.

Bud description

Fruity, sticky, and incredibly resinous, our Smoothie Auto's buds are as potent as they are delicious. These tight buds crumble at the slightest touch.

smoke report

Our Smoothie Auto blends a head and body high in its own relaxed way. Perfect for enjoying during a weekend getaway, or just for a lazy afternoon with friends.


A well-structured plant reminiscent of an indica with a large main bud and some lower branches. When developing this strain, it was very important to us that, despite the indica structure, the shoots develop a sufficient distance from each other. In the later weeks of growth, some leaves will turn purple.

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