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car | Amnesia Haze

car | Amnesia Haze

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A heavy yielding Haze dominant hybrid ready to harvest in as little as 70 days. Vigorous growth and an intense flowering phase bring out the full-blooded sativa heritage. Ideal for growers with experience and the space they need. The potent 22% THC can be clearly felt. Our Amnesia Haze Auto does best in a hot climate. There she can develop her full growth potential and put all her energy into the production of the buds. But this lady is also a good choice for all indoor growers looking for big, productive plants.

Bud description

The buds of our Amnesia Haze Auto are much denser than regular Haze varieties. They are very crowded, with a hard calyx. Covered in resin from top to bottom and streaked with light orange hairs. The taste forms a mixture of floral notes, tangerine and orange aromas.

smoke report

The high creates a soaring cerebral rollercoaster of the senses. After smoking one feels focused and highly motivated. This energetic feeling will later subside into a lethargic, relaxing state of mind, perfect for philosophizing around. Ideal for musicians, writers and bookworms or to enjoy the company of good friends.


Some plants can grow up to 1.5m tall, making our Original Auto Amnesia Haze the tallest autoflowering strain we've ever created. She grows with wide inter-candle spacing and develops a bushy yet tall growth structure during the flowering period that showcases her sativa dominance.

She shines thanks to her signature trichomes and is full of bright orange hairs. In the last few weeks before harvest, her frosty terpenes cover all the surrounding buds and leaves. By the time it's time to harvest, she's bursting with abundance.

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