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Krumme Gurken

car | Zkittlez

car | Zkittlez

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Zkittlez Auto is one of our most popular strains. With up to 23% THC and top-notch stability, Zkittlez Auto combines potency, resistance, and great flavor like no other strain. This indica-dominant hybrid fills the room with its overwhelming scent and produces handball-sized buds that, once harvested and dried, offer the user a balanced head high and body stone.

Bud description

Sugar hard frost covered buds. Zkittlez Auto produces enormously large buds that feature various shades of green and orange with the occasional hue of blue and purple. Top quality with fruity terpenes on par with its namesake.

smoke report

It starts with a quick and pleasant head high and then gradually builds into a relaxing body high that lasts around 3 hours and is great for an afternoon or night nap. It's not an overwhelming indica high, it's serene and anxiety-free. Great for all stoners, whether they are inexperienced users or long-term stoners.


Zkittlez Auto is compact, no taller than 1m, and develops multiple dense bud sites, as well as a large, vertically ascending main cola and a few side branches. Late flowering produces large, stacked buds that are dripping with resin. Growers can expect around 450-500g/m2 in ideal conditions. The good spacing between the shoots forgives mistakes and enables high yields. A good choice for both novice and advanced growers as the plant's high resilience makes it great for all types of training.

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