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Krumme Gurken



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 Box: 12 pcs.

  • Organic long-term fertilizer tablets for plants.
  • BioTabs condition the soil through microbiological activity while simultaneously releasing fertilizer and providing nutrients to the plant.
  • Organic growing becomes child's play for both beginners and advanced growers.
  • The tablets contain the organic fertilizer NPK 15-7-8 and beneficial soil bacteria.
  • For soil or coco, for potted or ground plants, for indoor or outdoor cultivation.

NPK 15-7-8

For use with all types of flowers, vegetables, herbs and for plants, trees and shrubs.

Pot volume in liters / number of tabs:

< 5 lt.

10 lt.

20 lt.

30 lt.

50 lt.

70 lt.







Simply stick the BioTabs 5-10 cm deep into the potting soil or coco and then water the plants.

The tablets are formulated with slow-acting organic nitrogen, bone meal, blood meal, feather meal, fish meal, natural humic acids and beneficial soil bacteria. The beneficial soil bacteria improve the soil and contribute to the good absorption of the fertilizers, resulting in even healthy growth without leaching out the fertilizers. The unique combination of fertilizers and soil bacteria ensures healthy growth and a healthy soil.

To be used as part of the BioTabs 'Organic Growing & Flowering'. You can find detailed instructions in our BioTabs manual.

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