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Krumme Gurken

panache | organic plant booster

panache | organic plant booster

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CrazyHills Elan is an organic, biological whole plant cycle booster and contains a balanced blend of fulvic and humic acids and additional amino acids.

Features of Crazy Hills ELAN:
Crasy Hills Elan stimulates the growth cycle, root development and nutrient uptake in the medium.

Apply at least once a week, starting the first week after repotting.
Dosage for watering: Mix 10-40 ml with 10 L of water.
Dosage for foliar spray spray: Mix 10-20ml with 10L of water once a week or as needed in early growth stage however
never while the plants are exposed to direct light.

Made from: : Algae extract (Latin: Ascophyllum nodosum), humic acids, amino acids, iron chelate and water

NPK 0.9/0.01/0.6

75% organic matter
0.9%(N) nitrogen, total
0.9% (N) Organic nitrogen
0.01%(P2O5) phosphate, total
0.55% (K2O) potassium oxide, water soluble

Suitable for soil, coco and hydro

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