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Krumme Gurken

Explorer's Pack

Explorer's Pack

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Crazy Hills Explorer Pack | 4 x 500ml

The Explorer Pack includes Crazy Hills essential nutrients:

UPTHRIVE is a growth fertilizer to promote shoot growth, flowering, fruit, buds and root development for indoor and outdoor cultivation. The easy-to-use, concentrated liquid formula made from all-natural ingredients provides the macro and micronutrients essential for your plants growth and lays the foundation for vigorous blooming, budding and fruiting.

PROSPER is a bloom fertilizer that provides essential nutrients to maximize bud, flower, fruit and seed production. The easy-to-use, concentrated liquid formula provides a natural boost of essential oils, resins, and terpenes that encourage the growth of healthy buds, fruits, and buds that are packed with crazy good smells.

ÉLAN is an amazing blend of humic and fulvic acids, amino acids and arctic cold-pressed algae. This easy-to-use concentrated liquid formula gives your plant everything it needs, at every stage. It increases enzyme activity, increases production, nutrient uptake, plant growth, root development, helps the plant respond to environmental stress by strengthening its natural defense system, and enhances the effects of all other fertilizers and biostimulants. Crazy Stuff!

SPARK is an organic plant stimulant based on Ascophyllum nodosum, an arctic seaweed in liquid form. It is rich in potassium, trace elements, proteins and vitamins and contains natural plant growth hormones that give your plant a powerful boost at every stage of life! In other words, it will help SPARK your indoor or outdoor garden before you can say "Ascophyllum nodosum"!

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