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Fem | Big Devil F1 Fast Version

Fem | Big Devil F1 Fast Version

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A powerful physical stone brightened by the high of Skunk's sativa ancestors.

Growth is very vigorous, but height gain is easy to control and predict. Finished plants can be kept under 30cm when flowered as seedlings, while tall plants can be easily achieved with a longer growing season.

Side branching is muted, with most production taking place on the main stem, making feminized Big Bud a natural SOG strain when kept small and an ideal candidate for topping when grown to medium or large stature

As with the regular version, massive production remains the central feature of feminized Big Bud. On both small and large plants, the flower clusters are huge, sparkling and delightfully firm!

Flowering time: 50-65 days

Yield: 150g

Height: 110-150cm

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